Joey Adler Interviewed for “Vocation: Leader” Aired on ICI RDI


In the show “VOCATION: LEADER” aired on ICI RDI, Gérald Fillion, a journalist specialized in economics, meets entrepreneurs and decision makers from Quebec who are not afraid to make difficult choices and who are committed both to their business and to society.

On February 13 at 11:30, the episode will highlight Joey Adler’s journey and goals. Joey is a 2014 EMBA McGill-HEC Montreal graduate and is the former CEO of Diesel Canada (1986-2014), as well as the founder of Industrial Revolution IRII, a garment factory and social enterprise dedicated to revolutionizing the approach to profitability in today’s global economy, and ONEXONE, a non-profit foundation supporting children around the world and founded on the principles that “every single life is infinitely precious and that each person can make a profound difference in someone else’s life one by one”.

Calin Rovinescu, President and CEO of Air Canada, Louis Morissette, producer, writer, comedian, actor and president of KOTV, Diane Giard, Senior Vice President at National Bank and Gilbert Rozon, President and Founder of the Just for Laughs Group are among the other leaders interviewed by Gérald Fillion.

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