Joey Adler


Joey Adler

Joelle (Joey) Adler, is an innovative entrepreneur and passionate humanitarian seeking to reinvent the business of philanthropy through ground­ breaking sustainable models. Mrs. Adler retired (2014) as President and CEO of Diesel Canadaand now works as a consultant, focused on new technologies of Blockchain & AI as well as branding, marketing and business development. Since 2015 Joey has been in Venice California and has been principle investor and founder of Dept. of GOOD an innovative platform using technology to bring niche community brands together with non-profits and local community retailers to help strengthen small business and shore up community.  Find out more




Joey Adler founded the ONEXONE Foundation in 2005 to commemorate her husband who had passed away after a long illness. ONEXONE’s philosophy is that every life is precious and that individuals can make profound difference in the lives of others, one by one. ONEXONE’s mission is to improve the lives of children in Canada, the US, and around the world with programs dedicated to the fundamental pillars: food/nutrition, health, water, education, play.