ONEXONE Arrives In Haiti With A Plane Full Of Needed Supplies


Chapter 1 “Haiti Forever”

It is Saturday morning and I am on the plane going to Haiti. I arrived here at the special Hanger in Montreal at 5.:00 am and I took a cab. The gentlemen who picked me up is Haitian and so we spoke.

His stories are difficult. His Aunt is dead and he can’t find many of his family members – one of his aunts is walking the streets of Port-au-Prince because her house has perished. They speak of these tragedies in a way which is almost acceptance. I know they are in pain, but for them, this is another moment much like similar ones over the years. This is very painful to see.

I arrive and I am exhausted, I haven’t slept like most of us at onexone, but I am so proud of what we have done.

When I came up on the plane I was hit with a wave of emotion and I literally started to cry. The plane is a 767. I have flown as a passenger numerous times, however, to be on the tarmac and seeing it from that perspective, and understanding its significance, is astounding.

There are 40,000 lbs of cargo, and Duncan Dee, the COO of Air Canada, tells me the vast majority is ours. That is something to be proud of. What is more astounding is that we have 4 to 5 times this amount which we will start delivering Monday by truck.

They have just cleared the press off the plane and they are getting ready to take-off. Yet they are still loading our goods in the overhead cabins, our surgical gloves and some of the work gloves donated by Canadian Tire. That has brought a smile to my lips.

I gave 5 interviews – 3 in French and 2 in English. I stressed that people should give money so that organizations with the resources, can insure that exactly what goes, is what is being asked for.

The questions are the same, “what do I expect when I arrive” and I am mute, because I truly cannot answer. All I know and feel is that whatever is there, is worse than we can imagine, and way worse than what we experienced on the trip after the floods.

There are approximately 30 people on this plane heading down, most staying there. They have sent workers down to clear the plane.

A Haitian Priest made a wonderful benediction and although I am Jewish, it made me feel good. It felt right in the end – we are all the same, and spirituality and thankfulness and hope should be the same for all.

My sister has just pinned me to tell me that they are refusing flights again this morning. Will we land? When will we land?

Aquafina bottles are coming in the passenger cabin as I write. I guess they are for our passengers and all those they will pick up. They are counting every single pound. And as they see that there is still room, they keep bringing things on. It is incredible.

I have just been told that almost every single pallet but 15 is on board – so more than we thought.

Not sure what the future will bring today, I hope I will be able to send an update once I land.

I have nothing more to say. I have never done this – written a Blog – but somehow it feels right.

Have a great day guys, and as you go forth keep positive thoughts for us and for the people of Haiti.

Dr Lambert of Partners in Health is on the flight. He gave me the biggest hug when I told him of all the medical supplies we got for them.

Thought I would end on that note.

Love you all!

Joey Adler